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    Tips for finding accommodation for Erasmus students

    Studying Erasmus can be a great way to acquire new knowledge and experiences. However, students who plan to study abroad should think about their accommodation in advance. It is not always easy to get a place in public university residences, so you need to be well informed about all the options that exist to avoid having problems finding good accommodation.

    Public University Residences

    There are partnerships between some educational institutions that facilitate accommodation in university residences for mobility students. However, it is the responsibility of each student to resolve issues related to accommodation and mobility.

    Private University Residences

    There are more and more private university residences all over the world. In Europe you can easily find this type of residence in large cities, where the rental often includes a private bathroom in the room, breakfast, laundry, internet, television and storage. Prices vary widely depending on the conditions you want and the city you will be living in. 

    Erasmus student rooms and apartments

    If you choose to rent a room for students, know that there is a wide offer on the market. Apartment rental is also a very common option in some countries, however in large cities the price of a T0 or a T1 can be quite high. It is always important to do thorough research in advance. This way you will be able to understand the amount you can pay in order not to exceed your budget.

    You can choose a private accommodation at a distance can be a little risky, as it may not meet your expectations or not have the conditions announced. Many of the destination universities advise students to rent temporary accommodation for the first week. This way you can look for permanent accommodation only when you are in the destination country, allowing you to speak to the owners, see the real conditions, and ask for references from other students or even the student association.

    There are several sites where you can search for rooms and accommodation for Erasmus students:

    • Beroomers – Spanish site, but with a Portuguese version, which allows you to find accommodation in different cities, mainly in European ones;
    • Uniplace – Site with an international aspect that brings together various types of accommodation for students in more than 165 countries, with close to 35 thousand verified homes;
    • Erasmusu – This platform allows you to find accommodation in different cities, in addition to being specialized for students and professionals who are on an Erasmus regime. Here you can find various information published by users looking for accommodation, universities, jobs, etc;
    • Academichomes- This is a good platform for Erasmus students who want to go to the United States of America, Canada or the United Kingdom. In addition to accommodation, you can search or apply for jobs at universities in these countries if an offer is available.   

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