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    The demand for university accommodation

    The prices of both houses and rooms have been skyrocketing in Portugal and the market for university students is not out of this trend. Selecting the most interesting options and calculating the amount of expenses and expenses in transport are some of the aspects that you must take into account when choosing and can make all the difference when making the decision. To avoid unpleasant surprises and to avoid headaches, here are some tips.

    Where to find accommodation?

    • Assess your financial availability, that is, identify the maximum amount you have available to spend.
    • Identify the level of privacy you are looking for and analyze the expenses that are included.
    • Check accessibility - that is, how long it will take to travel between home and college.

    Is university residence a viable option?

    • Accommodation in a university residence is an alternative, but it is not always possible to find a place and this solution is not always the most economical.
    • After submitting your application to the Social Action Services, access and value depend on the income declared by the household. In view of the high demand and the reduced supply, the residences end up having only vacancies for 9% of the students.
    • Most institutions end up being able to respond only to scholarship holders and exchange students. Residences can be male, female or mixed and have a limited number of places.

    Is it better to choose a room or a house?

    • It all depends on the privacy you want and, above all, on the available budget. In case you choose a house you can always try to share, in order to reduce expenses, that is, you can try to find someone to share the property.
    • When placing this ad or when looking for that person, you should already have your homework done: the person's desired profile and the rental conditions.

    How much can it cost?

    • Prices are the most varied and depend on the solution you choose. If you choose a university residence, you will not pay less than 300 euros per month, but if you prefer to rent a room - in a family home or in apartments with other students the values ​​may be higher.

    What are the risks of these options?

    • Those who choose to rent a room face the greatest risks. Complaints often come to student associations, for example, about restrictions on tenants. High prices and, above all, the lack of quality of the space are the main complaints.

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