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    Placements in Universities

    The month of September always brings news for students who want to enter college. The process for accessing higher education is always one of the biggest questions for all students. Today we explain how everything goes.

    How it works?

    Access to Public Higher Education is made annually through a national competition organized by DGES - General Directorate of Higher Education. This national competition takes place in three phases at the end of the school year, according to the annually approved calendar.

    What is necessary?

    • Hold a secondary education course, or legally equivalent qualification.
    • Perform, or have performed in the last two years, the national exams corresponding to the Entrance Examinations required for the different courses and institutions to which you will apply.
    • Accomplish the Prerequisites if required by the institution for the course to which you are going to apply.
    • Obtain a classification equal to or higher than the fixed minimum in each entry test, as well as in the application note.

    The minimum classifications mentioned above are fixed annually by each higher education institution for each of its courses and are disclosed in the Application Guide.

    Is it possible to apply for the various phases?

    Candidates can apply for the various stages of the competition for access to higher education. However, if you are placed in the 1st phase, and go back to compete in the 2nd phase and remain in it, you are automatically canceled with the 1st phase placement and, consequently, the enrollment and enrollment you performed.

    The same happens if you are placed in the 1st or 2nd phases and compete again for the 3rd phase and are placed in it.


    Entry to a specific course is limited by the number of places set annually by higher education institutions. This number of vacancies is published annually in the Application Guide.

    In the 1st phase, you have access to the fixed number of vacancies, being dependent on the remaining phases of those left over from this first phase, as well as those released by those who do not enroll in the previous phase and those left over from special regimes.

    Application and Seriation Process

    Up to six courses / institutions can compete in the national competition for access to higher education, which will indicate in order of preference. The placement in each course is made according to the list ordered in descending order of the candidates for that same course until the available places are exhausted. So it is a process that combines, on the one hand, the order of preference indicated for each course / institution pair and, on the other hand, the position in which the candidate sits on the ordered lists of each pair. At each stage of access to higher education, only one placement is possible.

    The contingents

    In the 1st phase of the national competition for access to higher education, the vacancies fixed for each course in each higher education institution are distributed by a general contingent and by special contingents to which certain percentages of vacancies are reserved:

    • Candidates from the Azores
    • Candidates from Madeira
    • Portuguese and family emigrant candidates
    • Military candidates under contract
    • Candidates with physical or sensory disabilities

    These contingents are exclusive of the 1st phase, with a 2nd contingent in the 2nd and 3rd phases.

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