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    How to prepare for the return to school?

    September and October are the months back to school. Colleges fill up with new students and, often, university students, who are already regulars at these educational establishments, are somewhat overlooked. After all, how do you prepare for a return to school in college?

    1. Take stock: it is important to take stock of the previous year. Realize what went well and what went less well. Pay attention to failures and try to improve them in this new year.
    2. Change schedules a week before: nas férias toda a gente acorda e se deita mais tarde. O nosso corpo habitua-se a essa rotina e, por isso, é importante fazer essa alteração para que a mudança não seja tão repentina.
    3. Tidy up the workspace: new beginnings require a clean and organized workspace.
    4. Reuse material: with the beginning of classes, the tendency is to buy new material forgetting what was left of the previous year. Reuse is a good way to save money.
    5. Post the schedule: if you have school hours for this year, post them in various places - for example, in the bedroom and on the refrigerator door. Record the extra activities to more easily visualize everything you have to do and also a schedule for work.
    6. Reduce expectations: Plan everything, but keeping in mind that there will be days when the plans cannot be fulfilled. Not half the plans. The college is made up of unforeseen circumstances and changed schedules. The important thing is to be able to organize the days according to what is possible to fulfill.

    Planning meals: The week before school starts, think again about healthy snacks and snacks - and lunches, if that's the case - to put in the lunchbox.

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